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Shanghai Girls - Lisa See


I would recommend this novel to anyone that wants to be entertained and enlightened at the same time. I would like to thank GoodReads for giving me the opportunity to enjoy Shanghai Girls by Lisa See, which in no way skewed my assessment of the book. I was completely taken aback at the amount of knowledge I acquired reading this rendering of the life for two Chinese girls, May and her older sister, or "jie jie", Pearl. The breathtaking scenes, in Shanghai, as the two carefree sisters walk by dead babies that have been discarded in the streets like rubbish, without a second look, on their way to see their would be boyfriend who is painting pictures, of the two, that will be used for advertisements in magazines, were amazing. They are considered the upper class but find themselves short on funds due to their fathers gambling habit which instigates his decision to sell the girls as wives to two suitors from America. On the journey, they embark on, they make decisions that are based on their limited experience with the real world and then are left with the extremely difficult job of coping with the consequences. Through it all the two stand side by side and let no one, no secret and no war come between. A fantastic novel that I would recommend to everyone.