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I Am Pilgrim: A Thriller - Terry Hayes

I am pilgrim

I owe a debt of gratitude to my book club for nominating "I AM PILGRIM" last month. It is seven hundred pages of dynamite pretending to be a novel. Once I started the book I was completely captivated and enthralled, I could not and would not stop reading and/or contemplating the novel. The only thing I can compare it to is "THE DA VINCI CODE." Saracen is the code name of a terrorist who as planned an attack on America for decades and has left no trace of his life. It is up to a man that is desperately trying to leave the CIA to track Saracen down and stop his plan, he has chosen Pilgrim as his alias and is completely on his own. The two men take us on parallel journeys that are are both captivating in their own way and when their journeys collide the the men have play the cards they've been dealt. This is one book that will not disappoint.