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A monster of a novel

At the Water's Edge: A Novel - Sara Gruen


"AT THE WATER'S EDGE" is thrilling new novel from the author of "WATER FOR ELEPHANTS" Sara Gruen. This is a fascinating period fiction of World War Two. It is a story of a privileged couple and their companion, Madeline and her husband Ellis and his childhood pal Hank, are disgraced at a New Year's Eve party and fall out of Ellis's parents favor who are threatening to disown them. To remedy the situation Ellis drags the three to Europe where he hopes to get back in his parent good grace by filming the famous Loch Ness Monster which his father was earlier accused of faking. During the ordeal Madeline discovers many thing about her husband that have reassessing her life. I completely enjoyed the novel and can't get enough of Sara's novels. I would give this book 5 stars without hesitation.