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The Secret Wisdom of the Earth - Christopher Scotton

The Secret Wisdom of the Earth

I've got a problem writing this like any other review, because this is not like any other novel. This may be the best book I've read in the twenty-first century. Don't believe me pick it up and read the first five chapters, that's all it will take, and you will not regret it. THE SECRET WISDOM of the EARTH written by "Christopher Scotton" is a novel right up there with the best of "Mark Twain", "Charles Dickens" and "John Irving". It's hard to believe that this is his debut novel. The author has been writing it for fifteen years and it shows. It's a emotional journey of a young boy Kevin who has been relocated from his town, school and friends to his grandfathers in Medgar Kentucky, after a horrible accident occurred. Kevin's dad blamed his son for the incident and has trouble copping with the aftermath. First Kevin does not like Medgar and has problems getting along until he meets a local boy, Buzzy, and slowly comes out of his shell. The story opened up a brand new world for me that has been right here in America for century's.
The book is a joy to read every page, every paragraph and every sentence. I don't think you will like this Novel, I know you will love it. I am so grateful for receiving a copy to review and it in no way influenced my opinion.

Douglas A. Thornley