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Two to draw too

Murder 101: A Decker/Lazarus Novel (Decker/Lazarus Novels) - Faye Kellerman

"Murder 101" by Faye Kellerman was a entertaining who-done-it that will keep you reading with a smile on your face. The most desirable element of the book is the two main characters, Peter Decker and Tyler McAdams. Decker is retired Los Angeles Police Detective who has always pictured, he and his wife, living a much quieter way of living when he reached his sixties and with him still active in police work. Greenbury upstate New York is where they wound up with him going on calls to get cats down from trees and busting underage drinkers from one of the five colleges there. This was a simpler way of life, or at least he thought. The first thing that he had to get accustomed to was his new partner Tyler McAdams a graduate from Harvard who was given the job because of his dad's friendship with the local mayor. I could not get enough of the barbed give and take the two showered on each other. I really think they played well off each other and is my favorite part of the story.
The reason for going to work in Greenbury was too still be involved police work, but at a slower less dangerous degree. That did not last long when a simple grave robbery turns out to be anything but simple and safe.Following The money trail not only puts Decker in danger, but also his wife and partner not to mention the two suspects whom wind up dead.
I enjoyed the banter between the two main characters but the story became a little stalled at the end and I just thought it was lacking a little. The book was giving to me by the ReadingRoom and in no way influenced my review. 3 1/2 stars.

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