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Scary, Man - Jeffrey Hickey

I was lucky to receive a advance copy from the Author, but will not let it influence my Review. I think the question that begs to be answered in this entertaining, funny and relevant page turner is who is the "Scary Man?" Maybe it's the guy that reads spooky books to the neighborhood kids or the guy who hands out candy to the little children on the playground, it might be the man that left his young toddler alone at a public event. The story does reveal the way we treat one and other and the hurtful things people say about others and how we treat each other on a daily basis. Like me it might compel you to take a look at the way you relate to others. Do we talk about people behind their backs, accuse without any facts or hate because you disagree with their lifestyle? If we take a look at ourselves you or I could very well turn out to be the "SCARY MAN"