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Wild Ride

The Sixth Extinction (Sigma Force, #10) - James Rollins

Thanks to The Reading Room for the chance to read The 6th Extinction by James Rollins, I received a wild ride with Commander Gray Pierce and the Sigma Force. It all begins with the total destruction of a secret base and almost everyone in it, triggering the escape of a deadly engineered virus that is killing everything in its path and is spreading at an alarming rate.

The ride continues at a neck break pace that includes stops at several places that puts to shame Dr. Moreau's Island. From the Antartica to the edge of the darkest jungle wilderness. Sigma Force is led on a white knuckle search for the answer that could stop the extinction of almost all life on earth. They find secrets that only the likes of Charles Darwin and Admiral Richard Bird were privy too.

While I always like the novels of Rollins, this one is outstanding and may be his best yet. Though this was a book I received from The Reading Room for Review it in no way influenced my review.