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Devil of a good time

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Horns - Joe Hill

I had one devil of a time reading HORNS by Joe Hill. The story was much more than I expected. There was humor, intrigue, murder, redemption, vengeance, romance, and a philosophical view of good vs. evil. Ig wakes up to find he has horns on his head and some strange abilities that he finds go with them. His family and friends are not sure that Ig is not guilty of the murder of a the much beloved Merrin Williams  and neither is Ig. The events that unfold from there are impossible to stop reading at that point. In the end it is a story with deep meaning and thoughts that I did not expect to find. I recommend this book, it makes you think long after the last page and is a lot of fun.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1130496647